When should you engage an Interior Designer?

Up until a few years ago, hiring an interior designer was a luxury which only the rich could well afford. But with time, the perceptions have changed and people have realised the importance of working with an interior designer. (“ WHY YOUR DREAM HOME NEEDS A DESIGNER “)

With better affordability and awareness, now customers don’t shy away from hiring a professional for designing their personal or professional spaces.

An interior designer adds tremendous value to the projects, but the bigger dilemma for many clients is the WHEN to engage an interior designer and HOW to choose the right designer. These become the most important and pertinent questions to be answered.

Here, we tell you When is the right time to go ahead with a professional interior designer? Is it after the walls have been plastered, painted or dried? Or when you take the handover of keys? Can you engage a designer for a home you have already bought?

In our professional advice, we would say Sooner the Better! Whether you are moving into a new home or improving the one you already have, engage an interior designer as soon as you can. Interior designers work from the inside-out and whatever project you are planning, the earlier you meet with your designer the more satisfying would be the result. 

Having an interior designer from the very start can add immense value and smoothen the renovation process. By having a designer early on, the client is assured of the designer’s undivided time and attention as they would plan their task and not be busy with other clients.

Also, by booking them earlier in the project, you are giving the designers the required time to work with their team for planning, procurement and implementation.

A designer before finalising on the home?

Yes, you can even appoint a designer as part of your team before you have finalised on your new home.

You don’t believe us? Read on and you will surely agree with what we have to say on this…

The designer would work in tandem with the architect, builder and contractor thereby incorporating conceptual design into practice.

Right from space planning to taking ideas from the drawing board to the finished stage with minimal hassles and headache is the major advantage of hiring a designer at the very start. With an interior designer on board, you would be able to have a clear and concise assessment of your wants and needs, and also the feasibility aspects of them.

Your design scheme remains cohesive and uniform as there is early communication and co-ordination between all the concerned parties. The collaborative efforts ensure a streamlined process and a satisfied customer.

Having an interior designer early on in the project would also help avoid any design compromises due to cost-cutting measures suggested by the builders or architects. An interior designer would be able to offer alternative ideas to ensure plans are formalised keeping your desires at the utmost level.

What happens when you are renovating or planning an extension?

Whether it is home, office or a retail set-up, renovations or extensions are time-taking and require many aspects to be considered. Apart from structural work, the interior design needs to be given due consideration. Thus, it becomes imperative to hire an interior designer when the project and ideas are still at the discussion table.

You brought your new home, what next? Worried, you have missed the opportunity to decorate your home?

We understand it is not always possible to hire an interior designer from the very start. There are instances when the client has just bought a new home or invested in office space, but has no idea what to do with the blank space!

Even at this stage, a professional designer can help you get some perspective and make the place comfy and spectacular.

An interior designer would assess your home/ office, taking into consideration your budget, existing furniture and durables. They would understand your requirements about how you would want your new space to look and give you the ideas you may be struggling to get.

They can help in designing it according to your tastes, interests and requirements; thereby guaranteeing that your new place truly reflects your style. They would assist in completing all activities from short-listing, purchasing and arranging, hence making your move into your new home or office a dream experience.

Want to bring a fresh breath of life?

Often clients are looking to spruce up their existing living spaces. But it is not always possible to renovate by incorporating big structural changes. This is where redecorating comes to the rescue, and makes it possible to bring that fresh breath of life.

Redecorating, though thrilling, is time consuming and requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. It can even feel intimidating.

An interior designer can add value by understanding your requirements, style, budget and timelines and can come up with ideas aimed at helping you spruce up your existing space.

We understand clients are at times apprehensive if they have never worked with an interior designer before.

Also, the size of the project becomes a big deciding factor. Sometimes clients feel, they do not need professional advice if it’s a smaller project, but the benefits of having a professional by your side has immense benefits.

Discussing your requirements with the interior designer would help you ‘see’ the available space in totality, and plan the best ideas suited to your needs and lifestyle, and take a well-informed decision.

Our last piece of advice…

Don’t go scouting for an interior designer when all that remains to be done is sorting and fluffing the cushions! Have them on-board early on, and make the best use of their professional knowledge and expertise.

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