Your Dream Home Needs a Designer

Designing your dream home sounds both fun and exciting. How difficult can it be, right?

Imagine this scenario. You want to brighten up your living room. You’ve found the perfect chic looking coffee table in a brochure, but will it fit in with the rest of the décor or stand out as an ugly blot? Which is the right blue for the walls or the perfect beige for the carpets? How does one select the curtains or cushions?

You can spend hours and hours searching for ideas on social media or combing through home décor stores. And more often than not, the information overload is unnerving and confusing. How does one make the right choice in the face of so many options and variety?

Designing is much more than aesthetics and beauty. It involves hundreds of decisions which can be stressful, time-taking and expensive. This is where hiring an external hand, a professional designer, adds value.

Designers not just improve aesthetics, they help in adding immense value to your dream home.

Here we tell you how-

Designers come with expertise

Interior designers most often are professionally qualified and have the inherent ability to understand customer’s requirements and bring it to fruition. With hiring a designer, you can benefit from their industry knowledge, technical expertise and experience.

They not only take care of décor; they can even help make structural changes as per your requirement. Also, their awareness and understanding of building codes, local laws and environmental impact lends a tremendous impact on the project.

Gain access to the ‘inside’ world

Designers have a wide contact network. They have inside-info, knowledge and access to industry insiders, be it technicians, contractors, or sub-contractors. It’s a whole new world out there, with access to a limited few. So, why not hire a designer and take advantage of their contacts and resources.

Designers help you save money

Confusing, right? You would wonder how can you save money by hiring for additional service.

By hiring a professional to do the work, you are taking a pre-emptive step and using your money to your advantage from the word go, rather than making costly mistakes. With their expertise, designers will guide you with the best suited designs for your home.

You also gain advantage of their retail network. A designer can help and negotiate better pricing by reaching out to their contacts and thus help you get a better deal.

A designer appreciates the value of time

The idea of a refurbished home is exciting to all, but time is one of the biggest constraints. The thought of scouring through countless sites or venturing to many stores puts off many keen customers. A designer, on the other hand, can shortlist ideas based on your requirement and save you countless trips to the stores.

Avoid the ‘oops’

Imagine the horrors of living with a giant sofa which leaves hardly any moving around space. Or ordering a bed which does not fit in through the door. Doing things on one’s own involves a lot of risky decisions, which are again time-consuming and a drain on resources. By hiring a designer, you can escape these accidents. A designer will take care to do things right the first time.

Your style, Your choice

A retro look or modern? An open kitchen or traditional? Deciding on the design direction, colour scheme and layout can be a big hassle. An interior designer would work closely with you to understand your personal style and come up with ideas based on your choice.

Balancing the numbers

It’s again a touch choice between splurging and making cuts. How does one decide on how much to spend for the kitchen faucet or the foyer décor? How does one ensure not to go overboard with the spending? This is where a designer’s know-how adds value.  

Once you have decided on your total budget, a designer will help in taking care of the entire planning and spending aspects, ensuring the project does not go beyond your planned budget.

Forget the headaches

Designing a home or a room is bound to be stressful. There are a million threads to be tied together. But hiring a qualified professional helps in reducing the stress. They would manage everything… right from design, budgets, delivery, installation, to even paying attention to defects and warranty issues.

Adding a dash of magic

If you are looking for fresh ideas and enhancing the functional aspect of space, hiring a designer would be the perfect decision. A designer would come up with solutions to take care of difficult nooks and corners, or a feature wall to uplift the room. They consider various aspects to make your house not only beautiful, but functional to take care of your present and future needs.

A unique piece, just for you!

Designers can even commission customized pieces, which are unique and not readily available to all. Instead of buying something which hundreds of others are likely to have, you can make the choice and be the proud owner of a unique, one of its kind pieces of art or furniture. After all, it’s your dream home!

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