Top 10 tips to display, and not clutter

Each one of us is a collector. Yes, it’s true! There is a wide variety of items people love collecting and displaying. Art, vintage china, postcards, magnets, antique vases or other souvenirs are a few of the items collected by most.

Though collecting and displaying these knick-knacks is fun, an improper display would make your space look cluttered and you would end up feeling claustrophobic.

In this article, we share a few tips and techniques that would help you reduce chaos and clutter while you display your beloved collection.

Display Tricks

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Displaying décor items can lead to disastrous results if not done in the right manner. Photo frames, glass jars, artwork or other collectables can look messy if not arranged properly.

Shelving displays, wall displays, surface displays, corner shelves or floor displays need careful planning and organization.

Floating shelves are a blessing for displaying items that can’t be hung on a wall. Vintage bottles, sea globes, tabletop photo frames, etc. can be neatly lined up on floating shelves. By using floating shelves, you can also save floor space and display objects at a level that is eye-catching and impactful.

Experience the magic of grouping

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Random display of unrelated objects creates chaos and confusion. Shelving and displaying like items together makes it more appealing to the eye. You can also group items by colour, similar shapes, or usage.

Grouping similar objects together would make your display more streamlined and impactful. You can make use of glass jars or mason jars to display your small knick-knacks. They are not only affordable and cute, but they also help you keep your items safe. Coins, buttons, pebbles, etc. can be aesthetically displayed using glass jars.

A place for every item

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Small objects like remote control, batteries, pens, pencils, etc., often get misplaced or lost. These necessary items lying around in a disorganized manner look like clutter. Assigning a particular place for storing these items adds to the organization and helps reduce clutter. Also, storing them in the same spot helps one be more productive.

Hanging a cloth organizer on the sofa armrest is a handy and inexpensive way for keeping items like remote control, pens etc. within easy reach.

The basics of organizers

Image – Charlotte May/ Pexels

There are plenty of options available in the stores that promise to help you organize better. But sometimes, these very items add to the clutter. Boxes, cabinets, storage containers, and shelving units can lead to greater disorganization if they are bought in a random fashion without careful pre-planning.

One way to avoid this is to declutter. By getting rid of unwanted items, you would be in a better position to take stock of your storage and display requirements.

Also, it is always best to make use of existing display options before buying newer ones. Otherwise, you would end up with more storage and display organizers than you actually need.

Cubby holes are not just for preschoolers

Image – Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Cubby cases are a wonderful addition to every home. They are quite versatile and fit in well with almost all kinds of themes. They can be used for storing and displaying books, shoes, bags, magazines and other knick-knacks.

Cork boards – every hoarder’s pride!

Image – Monstera/ Pexels

Greeting cards, artworks, postcards, stickers, or even buttons and other memorabilia can be displayed proudly using cork boards. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain and sure to attract attention.

Box frames

Image – Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

If you are fond of collecting unique items and struggle to find an appropriate way to display them, box frames are your saviour.

While picture frames work well with photos, shadow box frames provide the extra oomph factor. They are both fun and creative to work with. You can use them to display not just photographs, but even add other 3-dimensional items that hold a special meaning for you.

They are fairly inexpensive and are available in various sizes.

Make use of vertical space

Image – John Callery/Pexels

Our clients are often surprised when we suggest making use of vertical space for displaying items. Hanging baskets can be used to reduce clutter and display items in an artistic fashion. Depending on the location, theme and style of your home, you can use hanging baskets to display plants, scarves, or even veggies.

Unending storage options

Image – Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

An ottoman, storage bench, beds or sofas having pull-out storage can be used to store the items that you don’t need on a daily basis, but still do not wish to throw away. Old books, unwanted clothes, and memorabilia you don’t wish to part with can be stored easily in storage-enabled furniture.

It is not possible to have a totally clutter-free home, of course, unless you are Marie Kondo! Every home has its fair share of clutter. The trick lies in hiding it from plain view. This is where furniture with in-built storage options comes in handy.

Multi-purpose storage boxes are an easy way to store knick-knacks. There are many aesthetic options available in the market, like jute, tin, cloth, and cardboard in the market.

An artful display

Image – Sanketh Rao/ Pexels

Who says a display needs to be functional always? It could be artsy too!

If you love collecting items like hats, baskets,  vinyl records, plates, scarves, magnets, etc, and are wondering how to display them. We have the perfect solution for you. Use the walls! Yes, you read it right!

You can use the walls as a gallery and display the items with pride. A gallery of hats or baskets looks really appealing and is sure to attract attention. This kind of DIY wall art is inexpensive, unique and a wonderful way of showing your creativity.

We hope these techniques would help you organize and display your knick-knacks in the best possible fashion.

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