Frequently Asked Questions..

Often clients come to us with many lingering doubts and queries. Of course, we love answering them as it helps us understand our clients and their requirements. Here, we are listing down the most frequently asked questions.

  • When should I hire a designer?

The sooner the better!

  • What interior design services can I expect from you?

We offer a wide range of services, which can be tailored to suit the client’s specifications. We design Residential interiors, Commercial interiors, and even School interiors.

These are a few of the services we offer –

Kitchen renovation, washroom interior design, and renovation, false ceiling design, flooring design, furnishings, furniture design, air conditioning, wardrobe design, etc.

  • Do I need to pay separately for the drawings?

It depends on the client’s requirements. If we are doing the entire turnkey project, then we do not charge you separately for drawings.

However, in case we are handling only the design part of the project, then you would be paying for the drawings. 

  • Can you manage the entire project?

Yes, certainly! We undertake entire project management and have successfully delivered more than 112+ projects to date. 

  • Where do you get your furniture?

We do not have a single source for procurement. We have ties with various vendors and depending on the client’s requirements, style, material, etc. we will arrange for the same.

  • Can you help with buying furniture?

Yes, we will help you with buying furniture. Also, we customise the furniture as well if the client is looking for custom-made furniture, and not ready-to-install store items. 

  • Would you consider using eco-friendly and sustainable materials?


  • What if I have questions or I’m worried about the design or renovation? Who do I talk to?

We place a high emphasis on being approachable all the time during the project, if you wish to reach out to us, you could get in touch with Ms. Puchika Neerav, our Creative Lead.

  • How will you update me on the status of the project?

We will make a group with you where you will get images of daily work happening at the site as well as at our workshop.

  • Do you charge for your first meeting?

No! The coffee is on us!

  • Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely! Click here for a free consultation and our team will get in touch with you.

  • How much will my project cost? What would it cost me to hire your services?

There is no single answer to this question. The overall project cost depends on many factors like the client’s specifications, size of the project, customization requirements, procurement cost, etc. And similarly, our charges depend on many factors, like the size, pace, and complexity of the project.

Every project we work on is different, but based on our experience, we are in a position to give you an estimate of the total cost to design your dream space. We would work along with you to create a budget based on the scope of the project, and we will stick to the same.

  • Can it be done on a lower budget?

We will give you an approximate figure of the total spending once we have understood your ideas and requirements. Based on your budget, we will suggest ways on reducing the cost.

  • This is my first time hiring an interior design firm. Can you take me through the process? What happens in the first meeting?

We are very transparent in our working style, and at every stage, you will play an important role.

We will set up an initial consultation to gather the necessary information that would help us understand your requirement and define your style. We will visit the site to take measurements and familiarize ourselves with the space and layout.

In the next stage, we will present our carefully curated design ideas, layout plans, colour scheme, furniture plans, etc. It would be followed by sharing the quote, which would give you an idea of the overall costs involved. Once we sign the contract and receive the initial payment, we will move to the next stage of 3D finalisation.

After this, we would start the execution of work which involves procurement, and actual implementation on-site.

The timelines depend on the size of the project, your decision-making, and your feedback.

  • How long will the design process take?

It would take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more depending on the size and requirement.

  • Do you have a team of plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc?

Yes! We work with a team of reliable, trustworthy, and skilled workers. We have a long-standing relationship with them based on trust and professional excellence.

  • Do I need to use your contractor or architect or will you work with mine?

It is not mandatory for you to hire our contractors, architects, etc. We are flexible in our working style and are always open to working with new contractors or architects.

  • I don’t know what style I want – can you still help? How do I choose between different design styles?

In the initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements and suggest various styles keeping in mind your vision and dream. Be it modern or minimalist, rustic or traditional, we will customize the options based on your requirement and guide you on every stage.

  • Can you integrate my favourite pieces of furniture or accessories into the design? Or would I need to dispose of them?

We hate wasting resources and always try our best to incorporate clients’ existing furniture and accessories in the design. However, if the furniture is showing signs of ageing, or does not blend in well with the new design, we share our honest feedback with the clients.

  • Can you provide references before I hire you?

Certainly! We would be more than happy to provide references.

If there’s anything else you would like to ask, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to answer your queries.

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