Kid-Friendly Wall Highlights

Decorating a kids’ room is creative and challenging at the same time. It involves finding the right balance between what your kid wants, the availability of space and resources, and your budget. One of the biggest challenges with regard to decorating a kids’ room is the child’s changing preferences, tastes, and style. 

Wall highlights are one of the easiest ways of uplifting the room. Creating an accent wall does not require much in terms of money or time. Also, it can be redone if your kids’ preference changes over time. 

Safety is always the highest priority when it comes to decorating a kids’ room. There should be enough floor space, a free movement area, furniture should be well-rounded at the edges. It is imperative to employ the same standards of safety even for wall décor. 

It is best to avoid low-quality products, sharp objects, heavy frames, or breakable materials such as mirrors.

Wall Paint

Image Credit – Andrew Ridley/ Unsplash

Kids like to indulge in free play and their room should be an expression of their ideas and creativity. Painting is the easiest way to accent a wall. 

Wall paint is an easier and cheaper option for highlighting a wall. Though it depends on the type of paint and finish, most wall paints are durable and easy to maintain. We advise using acrylic paint for kids’ rooms. Acrylic paint is water-based, hence easier to clean. 

A satin finish is preferred over semi-gloss. They have a lovely texture, stains can be easily removed with just soap and water, and are long-lasting. 

It is important to use good quality paint that is free of toxins and does not emit fumes. Most paints contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs that can be harmful to children. Kids with respiratory issues are even more susceptible to their ill effects.

Low VOC or Zero VOC paint is recommended for baby rooms. 

Organic paints are the best alternative as they are made from natural products like clay, or lime. They do not contain toxins and are free from odours. 

Bold colours, and vibrant patterns like stripes, chevrons, and zig-zag lines bring vibrance and energy to the room. 

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood for creating wooden panel wall highlights is an eco-friendly and creative way of incorporating uniqueness. Natural materials like wood create a soothing ambience in the room. Also, the texture lends variety to the interiors. 

By using wood as an alternative, you would be able to elevate the kids’ room interiors tremendously. It is stylish, attractive, and sustainable. 

Reclaimed wood is cheaper than natural wood. Also, it is easy to maintain and install. 

However, it should be protected from water.

Wall Paper and Wall Stickers

Image Credit – Max Rahubovskiy/ Pexels

Wallpapered accent walls in a kid’s room are trendy and a wonderful option. Sky is the limit when it comes to options regarding wallpaper. There is a wide variety of designs, patterns, colours, motifs, and textures available.

Your children can select their preferred design for their room depending on their style, taste, or theme of the room. 

Wallpapers are easy to install. The best advantage of wallpapers is their versatility. If your kid is bored with the existing patterns after a while, you can replace them with another one without much hassle. 

It is easy to clean and maintain wallpaper. A sponge is usually enough to remove the dust. Wash-resistant and scrub-resistant wallpapers are better for younger kids and toddlers. 

Care must be taken to avoid scribbling on wallpapers or poking them with sharp objects like pencils, etc. 

If you don’t want to cover the entire wall with wallpaper, you can fix peel-off stickers too. These stickers are easy to install and remove too.


Image credit – MMT/ Pixabay

Wall murals are perfect for bringing dramatic brilliance to your kid’s room. A muralled wall is an eye-catching attraction. 

For toddlers or kindergarteners, a single wall with large alphabetic murals is a sure-shot way of drawing attention to the focal point of the room. 

But, if you wish to create a visual experience, then go for a full-wall mural. 

Just like paint or wallpaper, a mural can be customised to your child’s liking. It can reflect their hobbies, likes, favourite cartoon characters, or even TV shows. 

However, murals are expensive and painting wall murals is a time taking activity. Depending on the size of the project, it can last anything from a few days to even weeks. 

Wallpaper murals are a cheaper option.

Innovative Alternatives

Image credit – Jesse Bowser/ Unsplash

Chalkboard paint is a wonderful way of letting children enjoy their room to the fullest. Kids can paint over the walls as they wish to, and erase when in the mood to create something different. 

Chalkboard paint is easy to maintain and does not lose its sheen due to repeated cleaning.

Magnetic paint can be used in older kids’ rooms. Teenagers are fond of covering their walls with pictures, artworks, or photographs. Instead of using nails, or scotch tape to stick these to the walls, kids can stick a small magnet behind the items and stick them onto the wall without any damage to the walls.

Image credit – anaterate/ Pixabay

Kids love playing with paint. Letting kids paint the wall with their tiny handprints is a unique, fun, and memorable way of creating a one-of-its-kind feature wall. 

3D pieces of art can be used to create DIY wall highlights. Soft toys, especially animal heads are a great choice for a unique feature wall.

Walls play an important role in defining the overall ambiance of the room. A feature wall in a kids’ room should be attractive, easy to maintain, and safe for use.

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