Five Inexpensive Personal Touches for Your Guest Bedroom.

Even though a guest bedroom might not be the most actively used room in a home, it is definitely an important one. Irrespective of the size, the guest bedroom should be relaxing, warm, and welcoming. 

There are two important décor elements to be considered while decorating a guest bedroom – comfort and aesthetics.


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A comfortable bed with high-quality mattresses, bedding, and pillows is the basic necessity of every guest bedroom. 

Your guests would appreciate both ambiance and task lighting in the room. You could include ceiling lights and bedside lamps to make them comfortable. 

The guest bedroom should be clutter-free. An empty closet, drawers, and luggage rack would help your guests keep their things in an organised manner. 

By providing various accessible charging outlets you would make your guests feel at home.


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Like the rest of your home, even your guest room should be pleasing. You can either decorate it in the same theme as the other rooms or it could be contrasting. There are no set rules when it comes to decoration. 

Your guests are sure to appreciate an aesthetically appealing room. Colour, lighting, layout, and theme impact the way your room looks. Mirrors, artwork, rugs, etc make the room more eye-catching. 

The room would be more appealing if it is clutter-free, airy, and ventilated. The room should be clean and dust-free so that your guests can enjoy their stay without worrying about sanitation and hygiene.

Decorating a guest bedroom and making it a cozy space does not require you to spend a lot. It can be easily done on a budget. 

Here we list down five inexpensive personal touches for your guest bedroom.

A Place to Unwind

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Books add interest and depth to a room. Arranging a few magazines for light reading, or a mini library of novels or classics on the shelves is a thoughtful manner of adding a personal touch to the room. Depending on your budget, you can either purchase new books or even raid your local used bookstores and stack them in the guest bedroom. 

If there are little kids coming in, you can get a few colouring books and crayons and let the little ones draw and colour to their hearts’ content. Bedtime stories, comics, and easy-to-read books will be the perfect choice. 

Knowing your guests’ reading preferences will help you customise the collection.

The Magic of Floral Fragrances

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Fresh floral arrangements on the bedside table or dresser are a simple way of adding style and a personalised touch to the guest bedroom. The scintillating aroma of fresh flowers is sure to make your guests relaxed and happy. And, of course, the pop of colour is sure to brighten the room and bring smiles to your guests!

Potted plants are another simple and inexpensive way of adding a personalised touch to the room. Your guests will feel more relaxed if you bring nature inside. 

You can either match the colours of the flowers to the colour theme of the room or play mix-n-match.

Make it Cozy

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A cold and impersonal room would appear like a hotel and not a cozy space where your guests can unwind and feel at home. 

With just a few simple additions, you can give your guests an unforgettable experience. A soft rug near the bed so that your guests step on something soft and warm the first time they step off the bed. A couple of throws, knitted blankets, good quality comforters, and fluffy pillows are little extra touches that will not cost much, but will definitely make your guests happy. A carafe and a few glasses on the side table, a tiny jewellery box to keep their earrings, rings, etc will make the room more organised.

Don’t Ignore the Windows

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While we all welcome and appreciate the natural light filtering in from the outside, it might feel intrusive at night. Imagine your guest’s discomfort when the street light casts a bright glow into the room when they are trying to sleep!

By providing black-out curtains layered over sheer curtains you will ensure privacy and comfort for your guests. This inexpensive way goes a long way in creating a memorable experience for your guests.

Go the Xtra Mile

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With a little thoughtfulness and careful planning, you would be able to create a welcoming guest bedroom. Provide extra blankets, freshly ironed pillowcases, extra set of bed and bath linens. Not all guests would feel comfortable sitting on a bed all the time. An upholstered chair, armchair, lounge chair, or a chair with a desk can be provided to make them comfortable. 

A small nightlamp, lighted magnifying make-up mirror, alarm clock, paper, pens, or hairdryer are basic items that will help you cover all bases. 

If your home has a WiFi connection, you could offer the password so that they can enjoy a hassle-free connection. You could even write it on a cute little card or handmade paper and leave it on the dresser or bedside table and give them the experience of a boutique hotel.

These simple hacks are easy to implement and easy on your wallet too. Let us know which of these tips you are planning to incorporate in your guest bedroom.

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