Designing a Salon in 2023

The world of beauty and personal care is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and ideas emerging every day. The same is true for beauty salons as well. 

Your beauty salon should reflect the current trends, consider the customer’s preferences, and set you apart from your competitors. The visual aspect of a salon is extremely important and should not be ignored. 

In this article, we highlight trending salon designs and share a few tips that would help you in designing or remodelling your salon.


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Ample and comfortable seating, sufficient storage, and functional workstations are the essentials of any salon. 

You can invest in good quality ergonomic chairs. Even though they might be slightly more expensive than regular chairs, the comfort they provide is unmatched and makes it a worthwhile investment. 

As much as possible, aim for maximum utilisation of the available space. At the same time, ensure there is enough free space to move around.


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Time has become a luxury and quite often consumers want more services under the same roof. Consider creating multi-functional spaces so you can cater to different needs. By offering hair, nail, and skincare services in the same salon, you are sure to attract more customers. 

You can use partitions, movable walls, or re-arrangeable furniture to create different zones catering to different services. Also, a separate zone for relaxation and unwinding would be much appreciated by your clients.

Natural Appeal

Image Credit – Max Rahubovskiy/ Pexels

More and more salons are incorporating the use of natural sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, terracotta, etc. 

These materials are not just environment-friendly; they also lend warmth to the interiors. They are versatile and can be used for walls, floors, or countertops. 

Fountains or water features can be used to create a relaxing experience. You may even place easy-to-maintain potted plants to bring the outdoors in and purify the air.


Image Credit – Max Rahubovskiy/ Pexels

Many organisations and individuals are conscious of their carbon footprint. If you can implement the same in your salon, you will not only appeal to eco-conscious customers but also make a positive impact on the planet. 

Energy-efficient lighting, recycling water, reducing wastage, composting, and using products that are free from animal testing or harmful chemicals are a few ways in which your salon can be a ‘green salon.’

Non-toxic cleaning products and low-VOC paints are excellent choices for creating a healthy and safe environment for your consumers and staff.


Image Credit – Harper Sunday/ Pexels

Social media is an important tool and you should try and make the best of it. An Instagram-worthy Salon is sure to be a hit with customers. Accent lighting, feature wall, and bold artwork would tempt customers to post selfies. By encouraging customers to click and share their photos, you will benefit from the promotion.


Image Credit – Sora Shimazaki/ Pexels

Technology can help you in smooth functioning and enhancing customer satisfaction. Digital displays of your various services, products, and services would help in advertising. Also, you can display photographs of happy clients and their feedback. This would help in establishing trust and credibility. 

Being connected all the time has become the norm. Consider setting up many charging points so that customers can charge their devices while availing of your services. 

If possible, provide a safe and free Wi-Fi connection. Customers are sure to appreciate it.

Personalised services

Image Credit -Asad Photo Maldives/ Pexels

2023 is witnessing a renewed emphasis on personalisation. By offering tailored services to customers, you can provide them with individual attention. Customers like to be treated like kings and will treasure the extra care you are providing. 

Product or service recommendations based on their liking and requirement, reminders for the next appointment, customised skin treatment, assigning their preferred staff member, customised accessories, etc are a few additional things you can incorporate for giving your customer a ‘wow’ experience. 

Many salons are even going out of their way to know their customers better and offer them their preferred beverages and accompaniments. These small steps make your customers feel special.

Go Bold

Image Credit – Artem Podrez/ Pexels

Bold colours, and eye-catching textures are trending this year. 

Consider using bold colours on walls, art pieces, rugs, etc. Making these changes is fairly easy, and you can redo the whole look next year to keep up with the trends and it will not cost you a fortune. 

Textured tiles are practical and appealing. It helps create an extra interesting layer. You can use textured tiles on the walls or floor. 

A salon needs to be functional and aesthetic in appeal. The tips we have shared here are not only in line with the latest trends but also based on our experience. We hope you found this article helpful. 

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